Vermont Library Snapshot Day basics

Snapshot Day 2016 – Get a Vision of Vermont!

photo from Library Snapshot Day 2012

What happens in a single day in Vermont libraries?  How many books do you check out?  What type of activities are taking place? What type of questions are being answered?  Take a “snapshot” of a day in the life of your library and help us get a picture of how Vermont libraries are making a difference in our communities!

Snapshot Day is a statewide initiative where all public, school, academic and special libraries have the opportunity to capture one day in the life of their libraries through, photos, user comments, statistics, and other data.  Choose one day during the week of April 10-16, 2016 to collect your data and photos.  The data you gather will be added to data gathered statewide from all types of libraries and will capture the collective impact that Vermont’s libraries have on their communities on a typical day.

The goal is to demonstrate the value of libraries and raise public awareness that libraries are busier than ever.

How Does SnapShot Day Work?

  • Schedule your Snapshot Day for one day during the week of April 10-16, 2016.
  • Take photos, collect information and stories, and compile data regarding library usage that day. (Be sure to let your patrons know you will be capturing these photos throughout the day!)
  • Submit that data to us at the link provided.  And be sure to share it with your own town administrators, community members, and library users

A summary will be compiled of all libraries’ data.  You can not only use the information you gathered in your own library for your advocacy efforts, but you can also see and share statewide library activities and usage.

During your Snapshot Day, please keep track of the following as best you can:

  • number of patrons / door count
  • program attendance
  • use of library technology (computers, WIFI, etc)
  • how many questions are answered and what types of questions are answered
  • community use of library space (meetings, displays, student groups, programs, etc.)
  • number of checkouts
  • any special highlights that occurred during the day

The more libraries we have participating, the better our final statistics will be!  So be sure to join us for this exciting initiative!  We look forward to getting a vision of Vermont libraries!